must read fine print’s the fine print that every responsible business owner needs to make sure their prospective customers are aware of…you know, the legal mumbo jumbo. But…I’m making mine not so ‘fine’ and right up front, so you can read it, read it again, go back to it when you need to, and understand how things work here.

i’m rhonda jeanne, of folkografy by rhonda jeanne, llc. and that llc tells you i’m a registered business. and so you know also, i’m licensed to conduct my business and certified to collect sales tax on all sales in the state in which my business resides…and for right now…that is virginia. sorry fellow virginians…the state says i gotta. if you do not reside in virginia, then you’re off the hook!

my folkografs are my intellectual property. that means, they belong to me and if you want one, you need my permission. that’s taken care of if you purchase one, but if you’ve a mind to copy one from this site, please be aware, if i (or any of my many minions) see my images (before OR after) anywhere but where i put them…i will hound you (see the little green lady up there at the top? she means business!)

now, on to how the operation works…i’m the folkografer. i take the photos, do the editing, and place my folkografs on my website for public viewing and (hopefully) public sale. from there, it’s up to you, the consumer, to consume. then comes the tricky part. i use a triplet of printing firms and basically what that has to do with you is this: after i put them on for sale and you buy them, i send the order out to be printed/mounted to a third party. i have no control over this third party, but can assure you, i only use companies that have a 100% guarantee that what you paid for is correct, and that you like it, or they’ll fix it, refund it, reprint it, no questions asked.

that is a good thing right? sure is. so, why did i say ‘tricky part’? well, it’s like this. if you order a folkograf and it ships direct to you from the printing company (with the 100% satisfaction guarantee), and there’s damage from them or during shipping, or the image has flaws that are not supposed to be there, it is on you as the consumer, to contact the printer directly to get it right. typically, they’ll either just fix it on your ‘say so’ and reorder at no cost, or they’ll ask you for an emailed photo of the issue first. either way, it’ll get done to your satisfaction no matter how many times it takes (but don’t worry, i use good folk). add to that…if there ever comes a time when you feel you are not being taken care of, please let me know and i will step in.

however, if the problem is in the folkograf itself, (say i ordered you the wrong image, or in a size that doesn’t work for that particular photo (it happens), or you just plain don’t like it, then it’s on me. if it is an issue i cannot see for myself, either on the printers site or whatever the case may be, i’ll just ask for a photo of the print with the problem before i go to the mattresses, as it were. you can email me a copy of your print and i’ll take it from there; from the ground up and have a new one shipped to you at no extra cost whatsoever.

shipping: this is another one of those either or scenarios. if you’d prefer not to have to deal with the printing company (and through them, the shipping company) at all, and only want to deal with me, then we’ll need to have your purchase shipped to me (so i can do quality control) and then i’ll be your contact if anything is damaged in shipping from me to you.  this option will, in most cases, cost you more for the extra shipping step. to be clear, i’ll have to charge you for the cost of shipping to me (as i don’t keep a physical inventory) and you’ll also be charged for shipping from me to you.

however…and this is important

that said…i do promise you, the consumer, (over and above your folkograf being exactly as you ordered): If i am offered a discount from the printer…i will pass savings on to you. if i am offered a free shipping promotion from the printing company…i will pass the same free shipping promotion to you if you had chosen to have your print shipped directly to you. 

if all of this makes sense…great. if it doesn’t, please ask me whatever questions you have. i want to make sure you’re comfortable with the process. you can leave questions in the comment section here on this page. Or, you can use the contact page that you’ll find in the top menu secion. i’ll get back to you with answers asap…💕 rhonda jeanne


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