seasonal offerings

over time, this page will be filled with all the four seasons have to offer, which as you can imagine, is a lot! trees that are beautiful in full summer green-leaf can also be stunning in their fall coats of many colors and their winter caps of snow and ice. spring’s bounty of glorious fucias and lillacs or cherrys and red-buds are no more appreciated than fall’s richness before sleep of bright reds, deep rust, and golden tones of yellow and orange. i have them all and continue working to get them in the gallery, so bear with me, the season’s of change are coming!

i am very happy to live in an area that offers four seasons. i’ve lived in places that have more…vermont has a fifth and it’s called mud-season…and trust me, it’s as real as it gets!. conversely, i’ve lived in places that have less…florida was a one and done for me…i will never again live where there is but one season. sure, two weeks in january/february i had to wear a sweater…that does not count as winter to me.  in all honesty, fall is my favorite. but, i revel in the winter too for nothing changes the landscape quite as quickly as snow and ice. one day to the next…you just never know. it’s a folkografer’s dream! So please, if you are a connoisseur of seasonal offerings…please visit regularly. there’s much, much, more to come…♥rhonda jeanne