over the river

there is one personal question i’ve never been able to answer unequivocally…live on the water or live in the mountains? both locations mean so much to me. both give me feelings of such well-being and joy, it’s too hard to choose. so, naturally, i live in the flat lands, close to both, but not on or in either. one day perhaps, but for now, i visit when i can and make the most of it always.

as beautiful as the mountains are and as close to all things i love, they afford, the water’s edge is where i find just the right space to rejuvenate, reflect, and restore balance in my life. i’ve always been drawn to water, whether it’s a brook, a river, a pond, or an ocean. its life force is tangible and it honestly heals my soul. (and i love to fish, i won’t lie). i try not to use my gps when i’m out traveling the roads because i like getting lost and figuring out the way home by myself. however, that does not mean my gps isn’t on. it is. i use it to find water along whatever route i’m on. so yes viginia…i brake for water! I should get a bumper sticker eh?…💕 rhonda jeanne