on the road again

you never know what you’ll see from behind the wheel (okay, from the passenger seat) on the open road…which is why i’m always ready for a drive-by.  and, why i always have my camera with me. so many of us spend an inordinate amount of time on the road don’t we?  work, school, school functions, family obligations, going to doctors and lawyers and indian chiefs. well, maybe not the last one for you, but where i live, it applies! do you ever just stare out the window, see something and wonder what the story behind it is? or travel over/under a spectacular bridge, look up and say ‘wow!’  i do, all the time. i also love seeing the linear marvels of miles and miles of light posts and in some spots, road signs. and the distant vistas of mountains, groves of trees, waterways, ships in the harbor get my happy on. in fact, all of it seen thru the windshield of my world into the heart of theirs’ is what my drive-bys are all about.  love. it.

there will be a wide variety of subject matter in this gallery and it will, i promise, grow. i don’t always know the names of the things i shoot, but if i get the feels, it’s gonna end up here. if there is something you’ve seen in the past, or pass everyday, or know enough to tell me where it is…if i can do it, i’ll be glad to. i think everyone should experience america on the road and if this helps, i’m tickled.  enjoy the ride and come see me when you get the chance…💕rhonda jeanne.