it’s just business

this is what makes our world go ’round…and i have to admit, it’s not too bad for photo ops either!  i love our country and believe we owe a lot to these folks puttin’ their necks on the line every day, keeping our little machine running! which is why, i go out of my way to capture america’s working folk. most of the folkografs here are of my current hometown, but it doesn’t really matter the location.  what matters is the vocation, and the dedication that is evident in their success, which ultimately adds to ours.  win win i’d say!

i specialize in hometowns…and if you like what you see of mine, let’s talk about yours! i’ve recently completed a custom 18-month calendar for the small business merchants in my area in appreciation for what they add to our communities.  (you can view it by clicking here)  if you’d like to do something for yours, just ask what i can do to help ’cause i’d love to…💕rhonda jeanne