hot time in the city

ahhh the hustle and bustle of city life. too many cars, too many people, too many smells, and sounds…perfect isn’t it? honestly, i don’t spend as much time as i’d like in the city, but when i’m there, be sure i’m clicking away. and doesn’t matter what it is; a bridge, an oil lantern, a unique door knob, a line of red lights down a busy city street; old architecture, new architecture and the difference in between.  it’s all fascinating and it’s all good. whether you’re a city dweller or touring your favorite urban destination, you appreciate the uniqueness the city has to offer. want a folkograf of a city pub to put in your man-cave? A hotel or old streetlight for your guest bedroom? maybe you’re a business owner and would like an old fashioned looking print of a storefront or two.  Don’t forget outdoor markets…and horse drawn carriages? they have great texture for folkografs…the market stalls, the people, the horses, the lovers, the wares! or how about a stadium? or even a high school track for your man-cave? seriously, there’s no end to what happens in the background that makes cities so vibrant and interesting.

 i have much more to add to this gallery so keep checking back. if you have something geographically specific in mind, take heart, i may just be headed that way. or i may be ready for a road trip.  you’ll never know unless you ask…💕 rhonda jeanne