homes sweet homes

i’ve been snapping homes as long as i can remember.  mine own for sure, but random, persons unknown’s homes too. it’s a thing with me. it’s a peek into the heart of everyday america. our homes are where we laugh and cry and grow and grow old. we open our doors to family and friends, as well as neighbors and strangers alike. we can be as conservative as we like or as quirky as we dare. our homes are our own pieces of art and we treasure them. i can help you take that one step farther.

one thing i’ve always done, is keep a photo of every home i’ve ever had. my homes have always been a window into who rhonda jeanne is. if you’d like to capture a moment in time…for ALL time…to keep or to pass down to your children or grandchildren, i can help.  have you ever thought of the outside of your home for christmas cards, post cards, note cards?  you should…let me open the window with you.  i’ve got a rocker on my porch for just this very reason. have a seat, take a load off, and let’s talk…💕rhonda jeanne