fur and feathers

i do realize the last thing the internet needs is more posts or pictures of puppies and kitties and hippos and elephants!  i really do.  and for that…i’m only sharing one folkograf of the world’s greatest dog. well, she my world’s greatest dog at any rate. (yup, those are her baby browns up there)  I have hundreds of pooch pics, but will spare you, to save room in this gallery for all the other furry friends and feathered flyers i meet along the way.

this gallery will be chuck full before long, as i have spent hours of pure joy, watching, shooting, and vicariously riding the wind with some pretty amazing birds and animals.

have you ever just blended into the background and witnessed the myriad of colorful song birds’ spring rituals? wow! it’s like watching a beautiful, graceful, sleek, air ballet that suddenly turns into the avian version of a luftwaffe when true love is at stake!  and the eagles. oh we are so lucky in this part of the country (others too i know) to be able to see them soar or even just perched majestically on the branch of a big ol’ dead tree on the banks of one of a dozen rivers.  wonderful. there are sea birds, farm birds, peacocks and hens…they are all so alive and expressive, how could one pass up the chance to capture them? i live for those moments!

ever just sit and watch the squirrels? these plain old, everyday, bushy tailed, little smarty britches, will hunker down for what seems hours, to ponder the problem of gettin’ up that bird feeder pole (you can almost see the wheels in their little heads turning) ’til they either master it or go find one who can!!  i’ve seen it, the little…never mind.

animals in the wild have a definite place here, just as our domestic friends do. there are far fewer folkografs of the wild beasts than there are of birds to be sure. however, that just makes the ones that are here all the more special.  besides…the beasts have another pasture to graze on this site…over in the farmlands. so fear not you lovers of 4 legs and fur…they have earned their spots with me.

i want to leave a quick note to say that those of us that love our 4 legged furkids can not imagine our lives without them. and yes, i do know (and love) many that don’t see the pet but rather the hair here, hair there, hairball hairball everywhere…and that’s okay. i just wanted my fur-iends to know that shooting candids of our little loves at play is not always easy…but it’s worth it in the end. if you’ve a mind for a pet portrait, folkografy style, please, bark once if by land, twice if by sea (or just leave a paw print) i’ll hear ya either way…💕 rhonda jeanne

eagles.  i’ll follow these magnificent birds wherever my 4 wheels (or 2 feet) will allow. i had never seen one in life until i was 52 years old, and seeing that one, affected my life in a big way. so now, when i’m blessed enough to spot one or two, i’ll move mountains to capture them on film.

and speaking of not easy to spot…i did debate putting this next series in the gallery because at first glance it looks like 9 pictures of the same thing. and it kind of is. then again, this ‘where eagles dare‘ series also reminds me of ‘where’s waldo’! so, tell me…where’s weagle?