full english

did you know that god save the queen has the same tune as our song my country tis of thee? i know, i know, that’s too easy.  give you a hard one? ok, did you know that in english cities and shires, what we would call main street, they call high street? too obvious? (yes rj, and boring! come on…think) hmmm…ok, ok.  try this one.  did you know that ‘big ben‘ is not the clock but the tower? ha…got ya! no? wow…smart crowd. alright, one more try before we get to the folkografs…if you were in england and took the trolley, where would you end up? did i get ya? leave a comment with your answer…i wont’ give it away. and no googling!!!

so, why does rhonda jeanne, the americana queen, have a gallery of full english? one reason really. it’s where it all began! i think of this as our ‘roots’ gallery. plus, having spent three glorious weeks in the uk, you can imagine how many photos i came back with! and to be honest, i’ve never felt so ‘at home’ while away from home before. filling this gallery will take some time, but what’s not here today, just may be here tomorrow. but there’s still plenty to choose from…💕 rhonda jeanne