forgotten but not gone

i have to admit, this subject is one of my favorites. and images such as these grace my walls.  yes, it is sad and yes it is all too common a sight in our country these days. for myself though, it’s more than just what i see. these forgotten treasures are part of the core of why i created folkografy in the first place. these images evoke a tremendous sense of nostalgia; a longing for bygone times; an almost painful desire to ride the roads with my late father, who could narrate the past in a way that expanded my present and always left me hopeful for the future.

i often wonder if folks even see these places anymore or have they become such a part of our american landscape, they blend in the background. i really don’t know, but for my part, i’m keeping them alive if only to keep myself humble in the knowledge that ‘there but before the grace of god’…and as a reminder that for some, progress isn’t always a good thing. a little more attention here, a little kindness there, could be the difference between homes sweet homes and forgotten, but not gone…💕 rhonda jeanne