down on the farm

what do you think about when passing an american farm?  anything? do you even notice them? if you’re looking in this gallery, chances are you do. if you’re like me, you’ll give a thought to what our country, our world, owes to farmers. most often, it’s a life one is born into, not the life one chooses. and it is a life choice, not a career choice. after all, who would choose a vocation that takes precedence over every other thing in your life, 24/7…including your family? not many. i rank farmers right up at the top with first responders, law enforcement, and our military; each of which requires a level of dedication to community and country not found in the majority of citizens. this gallery will continue to expand as i never miss an opportunity to capture them if at all possible.

growing up in a small dairy state, i may have a bias towards farmers. if so, i’m good with that. i have nothing but respect for those that tend the flock, protect the herd, till the soil, and feed the masses without want of anything in return but our support to keep them strong. it is for us, after all. some of the most beautiful sights in our land are the farms that litter the countryside, at work all day, everyday, whether we see that or not. if you want to pray our country continues to thrive, pray for a farmer. as you thank your higher power for the food on your table, throw in an extra thanks for a farmer. and if you think to, a thought to those who have already lost the battle of survival. too many, and too many yet to come, have gone the way of the forgotten but not gone images you can see on this site. do what you can to support your local farmers. trust me, they do it for you…💕 rhonda jeanne