america the beautiful

IMG_20170620_114715_897 (3)celebrating the american way of life. that’s what it is all about. we are unique in so many ways. it is rare when one from ‘somewhere else’ cannot spot one of us. it’s how we talk, eat, dress, work, live, and even love. it’s in our patriotism and freedom to be unpatriotic. it’s in our passion for politics (love or hate) and the way we come together as a nation when threatened. this is not to say we are better than anyone else…as a people, we are just different. and that’s a-ok with me.

if  you, like me, have traveled outside this country, you know the statements above are true. but it’s not just the people, it’s the culture, the country as a whole, that is unique to the world. sure, america is just one piece in the world puzzle, but no one can say they wouldn’t recognize it when they saw it. i’ve seen gorgeous tropical islands, charming english villages, stunning european cities that light up like christmas all year ’round. each holds its own beauty and charm and character…but none of them are here. and it is here that i love and here that i’ll share in this gallery. as with all the others, the content will grow and grow as i continue working on it, so i encourage you to become a regular visitor. this is why i’m here. this, is my country…💕 rhonda jeanne