all in the family

who are we, but the sum of all our parts? and man oh man, what a box of parts we are! we are put together, broken apart, fixed, or forgotten. we have new parts mixed with old parts, as well as extra parts, and and even missing parts. but somewhere, in our boxes of parts, lies the very heart of who we are. that’s how i see it anyway. so here’s to the many, many, parts of the beautiful machine we call family.

the photos included in the american family gallery will show, if nothing else, the idea of the type of family centric folkografs i want to do. candid moments, caught forever in a way that can be ‘any family’. these are ways i celebrate my family, and share my love for and appreciation of them, with them, folkografs of beautiful moments are the way i go. i’d like nothing more than to help you do the same. family reunions, picnics in the park, weddings, birthdays…wherever families gather, there will always be moments worth capturing for gifts that will keep on giving. here’s to family, and all of our parts…💕 rhonda jeanne