the communications officer

Um yes, this page is just a place to land and I am the Communications Officer. There are no rockers, no tea, no wine, nothing! So, all you need to do is hover over the word GALLERIES in the top menu and you will see a list of gallery categories that you may take your pick upon whose porch you want spend time. Unlike me, who must stay on THIS porch to communicate to you this message. ps) If it is not too much trouble, would you ask Rhonda Jeanne to stop in and see me? Cute gets me just so far…I need food! Thank You for that and you can thank me for using capital letters when necessary. Something you will not see from Ms. Thing. pss) And if you do choose to purchase one of Ms. Thing’s Folkografs, please say hello to my sister, The Minion, on the MUST READ FINE PRINT page. I would greatly appreciate it. I haven’t see her since she ate her last husband.


i’m sure miss cranky up there has informed you that this page’s function is just to have a jumping off point for the gallery categories. i got the message that’s she’s hungry…so, thanks for that.

and thank you for stopping by. it means a lot and i truly hope you enjoy your visit.  if you need anything, just give a holler anywhere you see a comment box and i’ll come running.

all the best

rhonda jeanneđź’•


grab a rocker and let's chat

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