Apples, Pumpkins, and Peepers!

Fall has finally arrived

It was a long, wet, muggy, hot summer and I’m so looking forward to cooler days, crispy nights, mother nature’s coat of many colors, and football…

johnny bee good

Busy schedules and busier bees

OTR0309.3 color runs thru it

Capturing the magic before winter’s breath blows

red barn (2)0032.2 - on the wagon

Barnyards and Road Stands after festivals and fairs

Happy Fall everyone…be sure to visit the galleries while you’re here, or drop me a note if there’s anything I can do for you…♥♥ rhonda jeanne




folkograf of the day – cinco de may-ya ya ya


happy cinco de mayo!

ay ya ya ya…i am the frito bandito. i love fritos corn chips, i love them i do. i love fritos corn chips i’ll share them with you.

lol, nothing like showing your age with a politically incorrect commercial jingle eh?

still, it was a good one because all these decades later, we still know it!!

♥♥ rhonda jeanne

folkograf of the day – laugh

laugh and the world laughs with you…

those who laugh together, stay together…

a day without laughter, is a day wasted…

everyone laughs in the same language…

my wish is for you to have at least one belly laugh today…♥♥ rhonda jeanne

folkograf of the day – happy may day

a little fun fact with our folkograf today.  the 1st day of may.  may day.  otherwise known as international workers day in over 80 countries around the world. it is an actual public holiday in those countries…their labour day or worker’s day. the same holiday we celebrate the first monday of september. this holiday is in celebration of laborers and the working class whose contributions helped build strength and prosperity in their respective countries, as it is for us as well.

now, because this is america and we are who we are, there are also urban definitions to this rite of spring that i won’t repeat here, but let’s just say, urbanites who follow their dictionary believe this is the day outdoor hanky panky season begins! hey, why not right? if your bones don’t mind the damp ground and you’ve still got enough blood flow to toot your hoot…may day away i say!

so…what little morsels are available in my repertoire that i could possibly have to showcase such a day?  well…let see what rhonda jeanne has up her sleeve…

first, i’ll begin with a nod to the working class of our friends across the pond in jolly ol’ england. cheers mates! enjoy your day off!

next…this is how may day was spent at my house a couple of years ago. very pretty flowers that year and a very entertaining fellow!

and lastly…ha!  got ya.  you thought i was gonna throw something in to celebrate making the may day hay while the sun did shine.  sorry, you’ll have to use your imagination on that one!

Listen kiddos, let some sunshine into your lives. get out and celebrate the day, go to a may day festival or parade. i am, and i plan on having a great day oohing and awwing and meeting and greeting , and getting to know my neighbors. and most exciting, is having them get to know me, their hometown folkografer.  remember now, make may day hay while the sun shines..♥♥ rhonda jeanne