there’s a folkograf for that!

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ah, summer is here 🙂
ugh…shumidity 😦
and if you ask my hair…it’ll agree!

whoo hoo…friz city!

even so…there’s still so much to look forward to…

  • end of the school year  

  • family time 

  • community festivities  

  • baseball, county fairs, festivals 

  • barbecues   

  • fishing, boating, favorite swimming holes  

  • church fairs and fundraisers 

whatever the occasion, there are memories waiting to be captured and folkografs by rhonda jeanne would love to be there to do it!

  • your kiddo have a teacher retiring? how about a folkograf of their school or class, or classroom? signed by the students and given with their love and affection. i can think of nothing sweeter!

  • how about a beloved spiritual leader’s retirement? or does your church need a fundraising idea? let’s put our heads together and design a winning idea!

  • have a t-baller or little leaguer? capture these ‘gone too fast’ moments with a custom folkograf of them in action to display with pride and pass down with time.

  • family reunion time is always a great occasion for candid captures of everyday life of the american family! and a keepsake of the day, to share with everyone, is a great way to show your love and appreciation for times spent together. order a custom drive-by…you’ll never know i’m there!

it’s not just personal either…are you a business owner, community organizer, fundraiser? i can help!

  • if you’re looking for ideas to get your message out, custom folkograf posters, postcards, or mailers are an effective and economical way to spread the word!

  • want to celebrate your business’s anniversary with a thank-you give away for your loyal customers? hey…together, we can do that too!

  • have an employee retiring, or deserving special recognition? how about a custom, candid folkograf to commemorate the achievement or recognize the award!

  • need an idea to raise money for a good cause? foodbanks, churches, schools, councils, chambers of commerce…let’s brainstorm something unique that’ll get the job done!

you don’t need an occasion to celebrate your life. all you need is a desire to capture a few moments in time…for all time.

a folkograf is as unique as the moment. it only happens once and there won’t be another like it!  

however it is you, your family, your business, or colleagues celebrate the joys of everyday life, the milestone moments, the beginning of something new, or the end of something great…there’s a folkograf for that!

  • are you a proud homeowner? i am and i have a folkograf of my home hanging on my wall. i love it and so do my boys, who each think they’ll get it when i’m gone (little do they know, there’s another one tucked away so they each get one when the time comes). 

  • have you finally made it to those lazy hazy crazy days of ‘life on the lake?’ ahhh, what a dream!! if you’re there, capture it! the lake house, the lake, the grands playing or fishing off the dock. or maybe you want some wall art that makes you feel as good inside as you do outside? check the galleries…i’m a water lover too, so if what you’re looking for is not there yet, chances are it will be. or…let’s talk about what you want and i can do that for you!

get in touch. let’s talk about what i can do for you.  the moon’s the limit!  ♥♥ rhonda jeanne

a few more examples…

folkograf of the day – cinco de may-ya ya ya


happy cinco de mayo!

ay ya ya ya…i am the frito bandito. i love fritos corn chips, i love them i do. i love fritos corn chips i’ll share them with you.

lol, nothing like showing your age with a politically incorrect commercial jingle eh?

still, it was a good one because all these decades later, we still know it!!

♥♥ rhonda jeanne

folkograf of the day – laugh

laugh and the world laughs with you…

those who laugh together, stay together…

a day without laughter, is a day wasted…

everyone laughs in the same language…

my wish is for you to have at least one belly laugh today…♥♥ rhonda jeanne

folkograf of the day – happy may day

a little fun fact with our folkograf today.  the 1st day of may.  may day.  otherwise known as international workers day in over 80 countries around the world. it is an actual public holiday in those countries…their labour day or worker’s day. the same holiday we celebrate the first monday of september. this holiday is in celebration of laborers and the working class whose contributions helped build strength and prosperity in their respective countries, as it is for us as well.

now, because this is america and we are who we are, there are also urban definitions to this rite of spring that i won’t repeat here, but let’s just say, urbanites who follow their dictionary believe this is the day outdoor hanky panky season begins! hey, why not right? if your bones don’t mind the damp ground and you’ve still got enough blood flow to toot your hoot…may day away i say!

so…what little morsels are available in my repertoire that i could possibly have to showcase such a day?  well…let see what rhonda jeanne has up her sleeve…

first, i’ll begin with a nod to the working class of our friends across the pond in jolly ol’ england. cheers mates! enjoy your day off!

next…this is how may day was spent at my house a couple of years ago. very pretty flowers that year and a very entertaining fellow!

and lastly…ha!  got ya.  you thought i was gonna throw something in to celebrate making the may day hay while the sun did shine.  sorry, you’ll have to use your imagination on that one!

Listen kiddos, let some sunshine into your lives. get out and celebrate the day, go to a may day festival or parade. i am, and i plan on having a great day oohing and awwing and meeting and greeting , and getting to know my neighbors. and most exciting, is having them get to know me, their hometown folkografer.  remember now, make may day hay while the sun shines..♥♥ rhonda jeanne

folkograf of the day – honesty

one of the many national observances recognized on april 30th is ‘national honesty day‘. how cool is that? to be completely honest 😉 i had no idea there was such a day, but now that i do, i’d like to make an honest attempt to show the essence of this most important virtue.

no deception here… 

with all we deal with as members of the human race, honesty is one lesson we can certainly learn from our 4 legged friends. thank you for sharing this day of honesty with folkografy by rhonda jeanne. i can say with all honesty, company tickles me. if you have time to stick around, shall we walk the gallery halls? it would be my pleasure to be your guide. as always, let me know what i can do for you…♥♥ rhonda jeanne